Phần mềm Risa – 3D full version

RISA-3D là phần mềm phổ biết đối với các kỹ sư kết cấu vì nhiều lý do, nhưng một trong những đặc biệt nổi bật đươc các kỹ sư lữa chọn đó là: dễ sử dụng. Đây là sản phẩm hang đầu được sử dụng trong lĩnh vực kỹ thuật kết cấu chuyên nghiệp.

Thân thiện người sử dụng kết hợp với nâng cao khả năng phân tích làm cho ngành công nghiệp phần mềm theo tiêu chuẩn là một công cụ mạnh cho phân tích và tối ưu hóa của tất cả các loại cấu trúc và tất cả các cấu trúc tài liệu phổ biến, bao gồm thép, bê tông và gỗ.

Tính năng mô hình hóa

  • Comprehensive CAD-like drawing/editing environment: draw, generate, modify and load elements as well as snap, move, rotate, copy, mirror, scale, split, merge, mesh, delete, apply, etc.
  • Versatile drawing grids (orthogonal, radial, skewed)
  • Universal snaps and object snaps allow drawing without grids
  • Powerful graphic select/unselect tools including box, line, polygon, invert, criteria, spreadsheet based, save/recall selections with locking
  • True spreadsheet editing with cut, paste, fill, math, sort, find, etc.
  • Dynamic synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • Open multiple spreadsheets simultaneously
  • Constant in-stream error checking and data validation
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability, automatic timed backup
  • Generation templates for grids, disks, cylinders, cones, arcs, trusses, tanks, hydrostatic loads, etc.
  • Support for all units systems & conversions at any time
  • Automatic interaction with RISASection custom shape libraries
  • Import DXF, RISA-2D, STAAD, ProSteel3D and CIS/2 files
  • Export DXF, SDNF, DesconWin, ProSteel3D and CIS/2 files
  • Robust two-way link with Revit Structure 2008


Tính năng phân tích

  • Accelerated true sparse solver for static analysis
  • Flexible modeling of P-Delta effects
  • Accelerated Sparse Lanzcos dynamics solver, very fast and robust
  • Multiple simultaneous dynamic and response spectra analysis using Gupta, CQC or SRSS with automatic calc of scaling factors
  • Automatic inclusion of mass offset (5% or user defined) for dynamics
  • Automatic generation of wind and seismic forces (IBC 2000/2003/2006)
  • True physical member modeling (members are aware of interior joints)
  • State-of-the-art plate/shell elements with plane stress only option
  • State-of-the-art 8 node solid elements with automatic meshing
  • High end mesh generation–draw a polygon with any number of sides to create a mesh of well formed quadrilateral (NO triangular) elements.
  • Accurate analysis of tapered wide flanges
  • Automatic rigid diaphragm modeling with detachable joints
  • Area loads with one-way or two-way distributions with optional “blow through” distribution for loading open structures
  • Plate thermal loads
  • Simultaneous moving loads, AASHTO/custom for bridges, cranes
  • Torsional warping calculations for stiffness, stress and design
  • Member end releases, rigid end offsets, top of member offsets
  • Joint master-slave assignments
  • Enforced joint displacements
  • One Way members, for tension only bracing, slipping, etc.
  • One Way springs, for modeling soils and other effects
  • Euler members: Compression up to buckling load, then turn off
  • Stress calculations on any arbitrary shape
  • Inactivate members, plates, solids and diaphragms without deleting them
  • Story drift calculations provide relative drift and ratio to height
  • Automatic self-weight calculations for members, plates and solids


Tính năng hiển thị đồ họa

  • Unlimited simultaneous model view windows
  • “True to scale” rendering with translucency, even when drawing
  • High-speed redraw algorithm for instant refreshing
  • Dynamically zoom, pan, rotate, scroll, snap views
  • Font and color control
  • Saved views to quickly restore frequent or desired views
  • Rendered or wire-frame animations of deflected model and mode shapes
  • Animation of moving loads with speed control
  • Distance tool for measuring between points
  • Force/moment summation about any arbitrary cut line
  • High quality customizable graphics printing

Phần mềm Risa - 3D full version

Tính năng thiết kế

  • Designs/optimizes concrete, hot rolled steel, cold formed steel and wood
  • Concrete Design Codes: ACI 1999/2002/2005, BS 8110-97, CSA A23.3-94, IS456:2000,EC 2-1992, NZS3101-1995, AS 3600-2001, NTC-DF2004
  • Maintains consistent bar sizes through adjacent spans
  • Program selected or user defined rebar layouts for flexure and shear
  • Exact integration of concrete stress; parabolic or rectangular stress blocks
  • Concrete beam detailing (Rectangular, T and L)
  • Concrete column interaction diagrams
  • Steel Design Codes: AISC ASD 9th, LRFD 2nd & 3rd, HSS Specification, CAN/CSA-S16.1-1994 & 2001, BS 5950-1-2000, IS 800-1984, Euro 3-1993, NZS 3404-1:1997, AS 4100-1998 including local shape databases.
  • AISC 13th Edition using the Direct Analysis Method.
  • AISI 1999/2001, CSA S136-01 cold formed steel design
  • NDS 91/97/2001/2005 wood design, Glulams, SCL, multi-ply, full sawn
  • Automatic spectra generation for UBC 1997, IBC 2000/2003/2006
  • Extensive user controlled generation of load combinations: ASCE, UBC, IBC, BOCA, SBC, ACI, International
  • Intelligent unbraced length calculations for physical members
  • Automatic approximation of K factors
  • Tapered wide flange design with either ASD or LRFD codes
  • Optimization of member sizes for all materials and all design codes, controlled by standard or user-defined lists of available sizes and criteria
  • Automatic calculation of custom shape properties
  • Steel Shapes: AISC, HSS, CAN, ARBED & numerous foreign databases
  • Light Gage Shapes: AISI, SSMA, Dale/Incor, Dietrich, MarinoWARE
  • Wood Shapes: Complete NDS species/grade and Glulam database
  • Seamless integration with RISAFoot (Ver 3) for advanced footing design

Phần mềm Risa - 3D full version

Tính năng suất kết quả

  • Graphic presentation of color-coded results and plotted designs
  • Color contours of plate, solid stresses/forces with smoothing and animation
  • Spreadsheet results with sorting and filtering of: reactions, deflections, forces, stresses, optimized sizes, code designs, concrete reinforcing, material takeoffs, frequencies, mode shapes, etc.
  • Standard and user-defined reports
  • Graphic member detail reports with force/stress/deflection diagrams and detailed design calculations and expanded diagrams
  • Saved solutions quickly restore analysis and design results

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